The Queens Platinum Jubilee 2022.

Come and Join us from 10:30 AM, Saturday the 4th June.

Jubilee Poster

EVENT UPDATE: 100 Club winners

Recent winners of the Focal 100 Club were:


November: D. Griffiths

December: J. Cox


January: R. Shirt

February: E. Jacomb

March: C Hanley

April: P Smith

December: P Smith


January: L Wingrove

February: J Cox

March: L Wingrove

April: L Wingrove

May: J Cox

June: J Cox

July: P Baron

August: S Phipps

September: S Phipps

October: E Jacomb

November: J Cox

December: S Phipps


January: L Wingrove

Congratulations to the lucky winners!  Details of the 100 Club are at 100 Club