Thumbs Up1Focal needs to raise £9,000 per annum to cover the cost of library staff hours and to continue to fund Saturday opening which we have always paid for.

Draft accounts to 31 March 2016 show income for the year less fund raising costs as £9,436.  These accounts are subject to further work to estimate the Gift Aid due from HMRC, currently estimated at £575 and any final adjustments.  They will then be subject to Independent Examination and presented at the AGM on 27 September 2016.

Our income for the year includes one tenth of a payment from a life patron and one fifth from a legacy received in 2014/15 and one fifth from a business patron received in 2015/16.  The purpose of spreading large sums is to ensure we maintain our strategy of regular fund raising.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us exceed our target BUT we have less than 100 Friends of the Library while Adderbury’s population is around 2,500.  We welcome any resident of Adderbury or the surrounding villages who wishes to become a Friend of the Library.  The subscription is £20 and an application form is  on this web site.