Our Executive

Our constitution provides for an Executive of up to thirteen members as follows:

  •  2 appointed by Oxfordshire County Council
  •  1 appointed by Cherwell District Council
  •  1 appointed by Adderbury Parish Council
  •  9 elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in September

The Executive can co-opt 3 additional members to the Executive.

The constitution requires appointment of the following officers from the Executive:

  •  chairman
  •  secretary
  •  treasurer

and other officers as the Executive may determine.

The present Executive comprises the following:

Chairman:  Keith R Mitchell  CBE (Oxon CC appointee) ***

Secretary: Peter Britton (elected)

Treasurer: John Prentice (elected)

Vice Chairman: John Osborne (elected)

Events lead:    Chrissie Garrett (elected)

Membership lead:  John Prentice (co-opted)


Angela Everett (co-opted)

Evelyn Jacomb (elected)

Ann Lyons (Adderbury PC appointee)

James Hazlewood (Oxon CC appointee but does not exercise voting right)

Stuart Phipps (elected)

Liz Wingrove (elected)


Cherwell District Council has not currently appointed anyone to the Executive

Bobbie Howard attends the Executive as our Volunteer Lead but is not an Executive member.

*** Declared Interests:

Keith R Mitchell is: Vice-Chairman of The Mill Arts Centre Trust; a director of the Warriner Multi-Academy Trust, a trustee of Working for Adderbury Community trust and a member of several Masonic orders, mainly meeting in London.