NEWS UPDATE: Peter Britton’s virtual walk and car boots continue …

Our Secretary, Peter Britton, has now completed over 400 miles of his virtual walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats and he has decided to make a slight diversion from the direct route to enable him to wax lyrical abut an area he knows well.  He has veered slightly north east and is heading for the old Roman town of Ilkley.  From there, he will explore the Yorkshire Dales before heading west to take in the eastern side of the Lake District to join up with his original route northwards at Penrith.

Follow his walks and see what else is on his mind by reading his blogs.

On his actual walking round the village, Peter has introduced a litter-pick service.  Approximately twice per week, he will take a litter bag with him and pick up anything that he sees on the verges.  He has started with tidying up Berry Hill Road from beyond the Last House down to the Oxford Road and he is currently working his way up the east side of the Oxford Road. Naturally, he is not doing this for love.  He is trying to raise funds for the library so, anyone wishing to donate, simply click on the Donate button on his website, choose the option that best suits you and make a donation.  Alternatively, if you wish to make a pledge to donate when Peter has completed his walk, just leave a comment on his blog or e-mail your pledge to him at

Peter is also running a virtual car boot stall.  If you have items at home that are surplus/unused and would like to get rid of them but do not want the hassle of attending a car boot sale, Peter will do it for you.  He will collect any reasonably sized item, take it to a car boot sale and the proceeds will go to Focal.  Contact Peter by e-mail or by ‘phone on 01295 402159.

He has attended three car boot sales to date and has raised £300 for Focal. He plans to attend one or two more so the amount raised will increase.  He would like to thank all those local people who have donated their items to make this fund raising possible.





NEWS UPDATE: Library hours consultation

Opening hours at Adderbury Library

Oxfordshire Libraries and FOCAL (the Friends of the Community of Adderbury Library) have agreed to review the opening hours of the library to ensure that these still reflect the needs of the local community. As a result of the discussions with Church House and FOCAL, a number of minor changes are proposed to the opening hours. There is no change to the overall number of hours that the library is open but we hope this offers a more logical and helpful timetable. Consideration has also been given to other users of Church House.


Summary of proposal:

  • No change to the days that the library is open;
  • Simplify the hours, reducing gaps during the day;
  • Adjust hours on Friday to reflect low usage during the last hour;
  • Retain at least one evening session (to 7pm) for people coming home from work;
  • Retain the weekday morning sessions and
  • Retain opening on Saturday mornings.
Current opening hours Day Proposed opening hours
Closed Monday Closed
10:00 am to 12:00 noon and

3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Tuesday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Closed Wednesday Closed
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm and

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Thursday 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
10:00 am to 12:00 noon and

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Friday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

9.30 am to 1:00 pm Saturday 9.30 am to 1:00 pm
18.5 hours Total hours 18.5 hours

We welcome your feedback on this proposal. Please complete the survey below and return it to the library, by 31st July 2018. Alternatively, you can complete the survey online at:

Please tick one box in each row Agree Disagree
I would prefer the revised opening hours    
I would prefer the opening hours to stay as they currently are    
Please add any comments or alternative suggestions (continue overleaf if necessary):

If you are a library user, how do you normally access Adderbury Library (Tick one)

By Car On Foot/Bicycle Other



We had a most enjoyable pub quiz evening on 19-May-18 to round off the day of the Royal Wedding and, we believe, a football match that some may have watched.

Organised in the unique style of David and Aline Griiffiths, the quiz attracted a good number of teams and was enthusiastically and financially supported by The Bell landlord and landlady, Chris and Sandra.  Our grateful thanks to them all for making the event happen.  Also to Liz Wingrove and family for their support.  Below is a photograph of the winning team.

EVENT UPDATE: Meet the Ballerina

There was a grand turnout for an excellent evening for people to meet a professional ballerina and to hear some of the secrets and anxieties of a successful career.  Isabel McMeekan was a First Soloist with The Royal Ballet Company.  She was interviewed by her sister, Emilie McMeekan, who is a journalist.  Those present learned about Isabel’s career, her new role and how aspiring ballerinas can progress in the art.  The evening attracted a good number of young aspirants to dance and they left with a hugely improved idea of what is involved.

Our thanks to Isabel and Emilie for giving up their evening to share their life experiences with local residents.  Special thanks to Evelyn Jacomb who provided the initial contact and organised the whole event with help from her family members.  Thanks also to Liz & Rafe Wingrove, to John & Sue Prentice for setting up and clearing away and to the school headmaster, Phil Goldsworthy who is always on hand for events at the school.


NEWS UPDATE: Your chance to opt in

We would hate to lose you!

We currently hold over 350 e-mail addresses of people who are a Patron or Supporter or who live in or near Adderbury or who have attended one or more of our events.

A new European Union Regulation requires all holders of data to obtain permission to retain personal data such as an e-mail address on their databases by 25-May-2018.

We will only use the data to e-mail details of our upcoming events and generally no more than once per month.  We will not pass on any e-mail addresses or any other personal data to any other organisation.

If these people are happy to continue to receive updates on our Focal events programme, we are asking them to reply to a recent e-mail.  For those who do not reply, we will have to delete them from our mailing list.

If you cannot find the e-mail we sent recently or have deleted it, please e-mail me on and I will happily ensure you are on our e-mailing list.




NEWS UPDATE: New young recruit to Focal Executive

We have co-opted our youngest member to the Focal Executive.  He is Rafe Wingrove and he is one of the scouts who took part in the sponsored walk and raised over £700 towards Focal funds.

Rafe has been attending our Executive’s informally for a while now and has been adding to our knowledge, particularly about younger residents; interests and in IT and social media matters.  At our last Executive, he was formally co-opted to be a member.  He cannot be a trustee because the age limit is 18 years but this is no barrier to his serving on the Executive and he has already made a strong contribution.

EVENT UPDATE: Meet the Author – Annie Murray

Over 20 people enjoyed a fascinating talk by Annie Murray author of a number of books based in Birmingham.  Annie also writes under the name of Abi Oliver and this series of books has a Berkshire/Oxon background reflecting her own home area.  Although living in Berkshire, Annie has strong family connections in Adderbury.

Thanks to Annie and to her husband who ably supported her for a stimulating insight into an author’s life and motivations and for bringing a selection of her books for signing and sale.

Thanks also to Chrissie Garrett for hosting the event, to Bobbie Howard for looking after the refreshments and to John Osborne for welcoming people and taking their entry fees.  Thanks to all of them for help in setting up and clearing away.

This enjoyable event was also a financial success and added £143 to our new financial year’s fund raising target.

EVENT UPDATE: Thanks to our library volunteers

Focal hosted a most enjoyable luncheon today for the volunteers who give their time to support Adderbury library.  They were joined by members of the Focal Executive and by our Library Manager, Catherine Drake.

Oxfordshire is one of the few county councils where there have been no library closures and no cuts in library hours and this is due in considerable measure to the work of volunteers who value their library to give of their time and talents.

Thanks to Bobbie Howard, our Volunteer Co-ordinator for organising the event and to John and Sue Prentice and to Catherine Drake for their support.

EVENT UPDATE: Great fun at family quiz

Despite initial fears of low numbers, we had some unexpected arrivals which made for a thoroughly enjoyable and noisy Family Quiz.  Adults enjoyed a picture quiz while comfortably seated; children had one that required them to search for answers to clues around the hall and then to match the answers to some questions.  There were nibbles during the quiz and participants mainly brought their own drinks.  There were prizes at the end.

Special thanks to Sue Hitchings and Gail Cripps who put a huge effort into organising the quiz and who provided the prizes themselves.  Also to Angela Everett for organising the event and to John Prentice and Liz Wingrove who supported and finally to Phil Goldsworthy, school headmaster, who made us all so welcome.

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