NEW EVENT: Sarah and Winston at Blenheim

An insight into the lives of Sarah the first Duchess and Winston Churchill

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace

Join us in Adderbury Library to hear two fascinating talks.

Winston Spencer Churchill and Blenheim Palace

The private resources of Blenheim Palace are drawn upon to afford new and refreshing insights into this remarkable man. We examine the breadth of talent, achievement and personality of the “Greatest Briton”: soldier, politician, statesman, painter, writer, orator, family man – and bricklayer!

Sarah the Indomitable Duchess – a Lesson in Love…and Hate

The first Duchess was a passionate woman who at times favoured or alienated all around her; those closest to her were often the object of her irrational and damaging emotions. Sarah was once described as ‘a good hater,’ this talk will help you to decide whether this description was well deserved

What a great way to spend a Friday afternoon!!

Friday 18th March, 2.00pm in the Library Tickets £5  

(Tea & cakes will be available to buy separately)

TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM: Adderbury Library OR by e-mail from Keith Mitchell on

All proceeds go to help keep the library open!