NEWS UPDATE: Focal Calendar 2019 – A few left

There are a few 2019 Focal Calendars left and you can buy one from the library at a reduced price of £4.00.

Focal will be at the Farmers’ Market on 14-Feb-19 at the Institute from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. See the Events page for more details.

Call My Wine Bluff takes place at Church House on 02-Mar-19 from 7:00 pm.  See the Events page for more details.

The date of our Pub Quiz is now agreed as 06-Apl-19 from 7:00 pm.  See the Events page for more details.

NEWS UPDATE: Volunteers’ workshop in the library

Adderbury library volunteers attended a very useful workshop today run by Graham White and Mary Davies from the County Council Library Service.

The workshop covered the regular work of volunteers with many helpful tips about making the customer experience enjoyable and interesting.  It also covered the digital services offered through the County Council web site.  Library members can access and download a variety of e-books and a selection of magazines and reference databases.  The library catalogue is also available on the web site to all viewers and library members can reserve and renew books.

The library manager is supported by one or more volunteers during most library sessions.

NEWS UPDATE: New Chairman and Executive appointed

Liz Wingrove has been elected as Chairman of Focal, replacing Keith R Mitchell who stood down after six years in that role although remaining a member of the Executive.

Two Executive members retired at the  AGM: Chrissie Garrett and Angela Everett while one new member, David Griffiths was elected.  Grateful thanks were extended to Chrissie and to Angela for their significant contribution to Focal over quite a few years.  David is a most welcome addition to the Executive as a hard-working community activist with boundless energy.

We also lost Bobbie Howard who had coordinated our volunteers although not being a member of the Executive.  We need to find a replacement for her and there is room on the Executive for co-opted members to join us.

Liz Wingrove said “I am pleased to take on the role of Chairman of Focal if not a little daunted.  We have a challenging task in raising almost £10,000 pa to maintain our library opening hours.  I see the library and Church House as an essential community hub; something we should be very proud to have in Adderbury.  As Chairman, I want to see the profile of the library and the building raised, usage increased and our support base strengthened.  We have less than 100 members of Focal in a village with a population of nearly 3,000.  So come on, Adderbury, there are lots of ways to support our community and I hope to meet you during my term.”

NEWS UPDATE: Library hours consultation

Opening hours at Adderbury Library

Oxfordshire Libraries and FOCAL (the Friends of the Community of Adderbury Library) have agreed to review the opening hours of the library to ensure that these still reflect the needs of the local community. As a result of the discussions with Church House and FOCAL, a number of minor changes are proposed to the opening hours. There is no change to the overall number of hours that the library is open but we hope this offers a more logical and helpful timetable. Consideration has also been given to other users of Church House.


Summary of proposal:

  • No change to the days that the library is open;
  • Simplify the hours, reducing gaps during the day;
  • Adjust hours on Friday to reflect low usage during the last hour;
  • Retain at least one evening session (to 7pm) for people coming home from work;
  • Retain the weekday morning sessions and
  • Retain opening on Saturday mornings.
Current opening hours Day Proposed opening hours
Closed Monday Closed
10:00 am to 12:00 noon and

3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Tuesday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Closed Wednesday Closed
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm and

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Thursday 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
10:00 am to 12:00 noon and

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Friday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

9.30 am to 1:00 pm Saturday 9.30 am to 1:00 pm
18.5 hours Total hours 18.5 hours

We welcome your feedback on this proposal. Please complete the survey below and return it to the library, by 31st July 2018. Alternatively, you can complete the survey online at:

Please tick one box in each row Agree Disagree
I would prefer the revised opening hours    
I would prefer the opening hours to stay as they currently are    
Please add any comments or alternative suggestions (continue overleaf if necessary):

If you are a library user, how do you normally access Adderbury Library (Tick one)

By Car On Foot/Bicycle Other


NEWS UPDATE: Your chance to opt in

We would hate to lose you!

We currently hold over 350 e-mail addresses of people who are a Patron or Supporter or who live in or near Adderbury or who have attended one or more of our events.

A new European Union Regulation requires all holders of data to obtain permission to retain personal data such as an e-mail address on their databases by 25-May-2018.

We will only use the data to e-mail details of our upcoming events and generally no more than once per month.  We will not pass on any e-mail addresses or any other personal data to any other organisation.

If these people are happy to continue to receive updates on our Focal events programme, we are asking them to reply to a recent e-mail.  For those who do not reply, we will have to delete them from our mailing list.

If you cannot find the e-mail we sent recently or have deleted it, please e-mail me on and I will happily ensure you are on our e-mailing list.




NEWS UPDATE: New young recruit to Focal Executive

We have co-opted our youngest member to the Focal Executive.  He is Rafe Wingrove and he is one of the scouts who took part in the sponsored walk and raised over £700 towards Focal funds.

Rafe has been attending our Executive’s informally for a while now and has been adding to our knowledge, particularly about younger residents; interests and in IT and social media matters.  At our last Executive, he was formally co-opted to be a member.  He cannot be a trustee because the age limit is 18 years but this is no barrier to his serving on the Executive and he has already made a strong contribution.

NEWS UPDATE: Annual General Meeting – 25 September 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Community of Adderbury Library will be held at Church House from 7:30 pm on Monday 25 September 2017.

The annual report and accounts will be presented and open to questions from members of the charity.

Nominations will be invited before the meeting for election to the Executive Committee where there are spaces for nine elected members as well as the four nominated by Oxfordshire County Council (2), Cherwell District Council (1) and Adderbury Parish Council (1).

Notice of the meeting together with the Report and Accounts will be circulated to members by e-mail (or snail-mail for those without e-mail).  Nomination forms for the Executive will be available from the secretary.


NEWS FLASH: A thank you and a goodbye

Friends of the library said a big thank you to the volunteers who support Adderbury library by giving of their time and expertise at a special luncheon in Church House on 21 March 2017. Volunteers support the library manager during opening hours and there should always be two present for every session.  Volunteers also support activities like the regular Rhyme Time.

It was also a suitable moment to say goodbye and thank you to Janet May who is retiring as Adderbury library manager.  She took over from Sue Hitchings who was a hard act to follow but stepped into the role magnificently and worked hard to support both the library and the Friends group.  Living locally, as Sue did before her, she had an excellent knowledge of the village and of her customers.  We will miss her.

The county council will ensure there are interim arrangements in place until a replacement is appointed but will be reviewing the opening hours before recruiting a successor to Janet.  The review will ask users and residents generally whether the present pattern of openings works for them.  There will be no change to the total hours that the library opens but a change within the total will be possible if there is the demand.  Consultation will start shortly but a speedy response is requested to enable the county council to get on with recruitment as soon as possible.

The top picture shows Bobbie Howard, our volunteer co-ordinator, Janet May, our retiring library manager and Keith Mitchell, Chairman of Focal.  The second picture shows the luncheon in Church House.


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